Crowns and Bridges

When teeth are damaged or missing, there is more than just your attractive smile at stake. A damaged tooth that is not repaired might turn into a tooth that needs to be extracted. Once a tooth is missing, this can lead to a host of other problems with your surrounding healthy teeth. Damaged and missing teeth can also make chewing difficult, which can impact your overall wellbeing if you are not able to eat healthy foods.

At Town Square Family Dentistry, we offer permanent restorations that can restore your smile as well as your oral health. With dental crowns and bridges, we can also ensure that you can chew and speak properly.

If you have missing or damaged teeth, seek treatment right away. Talk to Dr. Hema Srinivasan, Dr. Haris Lakisic, or Dr. Ramya Balasubramanian to find out if a dental crown or bridge is right for you.

Dental Crowns to Repair Damaged Teeth

Sometimes teeth are broken because of trauma, or the tooth structure becomes unstable because of deep decay. A dental crown essentially acts as a “cap” to cover the damaged tooth structure, stabilizing the remaining structure and restoring its function. A dental crown is a strong restoration that can absorb the force of chewing, saving a damaged tooth for the long-term.

Some of the issues crowns can solve are:

  • Protecting a tooth that has had a root canal
  • Rebuilding a tooth that has become worn or weak
  • Improving the appearance of a tooth that has become stained or discolored
  • Reshaping a tooth that has an irregular appearance
  • Holding a dental bridge in place

Bridges to Replace Missing Teeth

Often when people are missing teeth, especially in the back of the mouth, they don’t bother to replace them. Although missing a tooth in the back of your mouth might not immediately affect your smile, it will over time. When there is a space in your mouth, your remaining teeth will gradually slide to fill it in. This can affect your bite and ultimately lead to undue wear of your healthy teeth and the loss of more teeth. Other problems include the potential for gum disease and TMJ issues.

A dental bridge fills in the space left by one or more missing teeth because it is secured permanently with crowns attached to adjacent natural teeth. The bridge is made to match your natural teeth, so it blends in for an entirely natural look. With a dental bridge, your remaining healthy teeth are protected from shifting. You will also be able to chew and speak normally.

Caring for Crowns and Bridges

Care for both crowns and bridges is easy, but it’s important to be diligent so your restorations last. Although the restorations themselves cannot develop decay, you can still develop issues near the gum line. Brush twice and floss once every day, and visit your dentist twice a year for examinations and cleanings to ensure the integrity of your restoration.

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