Root Canal Treatment

Despite what most people might have heard about root canals, their purpose is not to cause you pain—but rather they are designed to relieve pain as well as save your tooth.

One of the most common dental emergencies most dentists treat is a toothache caused by an infection in the tooth root. When a tooth is infected near the nerve, the resulting symptoms can include swelling, sensitivity, tooth discoloration—and often quite a bit of pain. The pain might get worse when you try to chew or when you are lying down.

Although it’s tempting to ignore a toothache, it’s important to realize that dental pain is never normal. It will rarely improve on its own. What’s more, coming into the dentist earlier rather than later can mean the difference between saving your tooth and losing it to extraction. 

With today’s modern dentistry, we can perform root canal treatment right here in our office. Call Town Square Family Dentistry if you are suffering from tooth pain.

The Root Canal Procedure

The root canal has gotten a bad rap in the past as a painful procedure, but if you are suffering from an excruciating toothache, root canal treatment should make you feel significantly better. At Town Square Family Dentistry, we have a board-certified endodontist who will ensure you receive efficient and accurate treatment.

Root canal treatment has an unfair reputation as a painful procedure. At Family Dental Group, we use the latest rotary instruments for efficient and accurate treatment. Patients will feel significant improvement immediately following the root canal procedure.

First, the area will be completely anesthetized before treatment even begins so you won’t feel anything while our dentists clean out the canals inside the root of your tooth. All of the bacteria and infected material will be removed from the canals through a tiny hole made in your tooth; an antibacterial medicine will help ensure there is no recurrence of infection. Then the tooth root will be filled and sealed.

Because this procedure removes living tissue from the tooth root, there is a tendency for the remaining tooth structure to become brittle. A dental crown will strengthen the tooth and give you back full form and function.

You'll get a temporary crown while you are waiting for a permanent crown to be made at a trusted laboratory. In a couple of weeks, we’ll see you again so we can place the permanent crown and check that healing is proceeding as it should.

Don’t Suffer With a Toothache or Dental Pain

At the first sign of tooth pain, contact Town Square Family Dentistry immediately so we can relieve your pain. Our conveniently located practice welcomes new and existing patients who need root canal treatment.