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At what age are my children supposed to see a dentist?

The general rule followed by most dentists is somewhere between the ages of 18 and 24 months, which coincides with the eruption of the first baby teeth. These early dental appointments primarily serve as a way for kids to become accustomed to the dentist. Some children require a bit more time to be comfortable than others, so it’s best to start early.

Children who start seeing the dentist at an early age tend to have less anxiety about going to the dentist. Kids who see the dentist regularly tend to become adults who also see the dentist regularly.

At your child’s initial dental appointments, we will only do what feels comfortable for them as we do not want to cause anxiety. We understand that it can be tough for little ones to remain still in the dental chair for extended periods of time, so we make our examinations quick.

These first appointments also provide us with an opportunity to talk about proper home care with parents. Children don’t have the dexterity to effectively brush and floss until they are about seven or eight years old, so until then, it’s up to the parents to ensure it is being done correctly at home.

If any areas of concern are noted before your child is about a year old, please be sure to give us a call and make plans to bring him or her in earlier.

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